20.08.13  -             The program for the Second Demove Symposium (22-23. October 2013) has been uploaded. 


08.05.13  -             Dr. Massimo Sartori has been selected for the Visiting Scholar Program 2013 at the National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation and Research at Stanford University. More information at:


08.05.13  -             Dr. Massimo Sartori is invited to give an on-line webinar on neuromusculoskeletal modeling at the National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation and Research at Stanford University.The webinar will take place on June 6, 2013 and will be streamed online


22.10.2012   -          Prof. Dr. Dario Farina, together with Dr. Winnie Jensen (Aalborg University) and Prof. Metin Akay (University of Houston), is the Editor of the new book "Introduction to Neural Engineering for Motor Rehabilitation" (Wiley/IEEE Publisher) which is now available in the scientific libraries ( In this book, Prof. Farina and his co-Editors have collected contributions from several world-leading experts in the field of neurorehabilitation to provide a broad overview on modern technologies for replacing, restoring, or modulating lost or impaired motor functions. Currently, no book other than this one covers this broad range of topics within motor rehabilitation technology. With a focus on cutting edge technology, it describes state-of-the-art methods within this field, from brain-computer interfaces to spinal and cortical plasticity. Touching on electrode design, signal processing, the neurophysiology of movement, robotics, and much more, this innovative volume collects the latest information for a wide range of readers working in biomedical engineering. Prof. Farina's work on this book has been possible by the ERC Advanced Grant DEMOVE that he holds since July 2011.