Role of external collaborators and added value

Ottobock Health Care is world market leader in exo-prosthetics and a leading global supplier of innovative medical devices for people with limited mobility. The interaction with this company (through seminars, specific meetings and workshops) during the entire project duration will be fundamental for identifying the clinical needs that may arise from the new technology developed within DEMOVE. This external expert will also provide to Prof. Farina the availability of commercial prosthetics systems. 

Dr. Ales Holobar of the University of Maribor has been working with Prof. Farina in the past years on the development of methods for blind separation of sources from multi-channel surface EMG. This external expert is one of the world leading researchers in the field of biomedical signal processing, with specific expertise in EMG.

Dr. Ken Yoshida of the University of Indianapolis is an expert in implantable electrode systems, especially in nerves. He has developed mechanical systems for testing the implantation mechanics of nerve electrodes and methods for assessing the selectivity of nerve and muscle recordings in animal preparations.